About us


RED ROCK SECURITY COMPANY is a Zimbabwean registered company founded on 22 May 2012, and since then the organisation has steadily grown. Our focus is to have dominance locally, regionally and eventually penetrate the international market. Our aim is to build an organisation providing the best security services in the region and guided by sound business policies and ethics in compliance with the security sector requirements. The organisation comprises a team of experienced personnel retired from the Zimbabwe Republic Police under Criminal Investigation Department, thereby having a vast knowledge in security and criminal investigation on of any nature of cases e.g cyber crimes, fraud, theft of information, theft of motor vehicle and general thefts etc.

In the organisation, there are also long serving and experienced personnel in the security i ndustry who had worked in various security organisations , thereby accruing all sought of technics in the security industry . Red Rock Security Company has experienced financial management team from various universities who have come up to make a strong and solid organisation.







mission statement

To protect lives, property and information of our clients through provision of sustainable security solutions.

Our vision

To be the leading security service provider in our chosen market by the year 2025.

We are very proud to be serving our local area for over 10 years!